Dear friend of accessible culture trip,

President Ilves has said: “We have for so long been engaged in preservation, that probably we are best in the world in this. For centuries, and in spite of the authorities, we have managed to keep alive our language, our culture, our perseverance. It has been understandable, necessary and even successful attitude, but it is a closed stance.”

At the same time, we absolutely agree with an Estonian culture anthropologist who has said that culture was born from people meeting the world. And still continues in interaction with the world.

With our accessible culture trips, we´ll take you to places, and introduce the Estonian people who have a story to tell. As part of a travel package, we offer evenings of socialization, theme nights, concerts and other cultural events. Based on your interests, we organize workshops in pottery, painting, Saori weaving looms and other desired areas.

Let us know your wishes, and we will be most happy to organize an accessible culture trip for your interests!

Get in touch to discuss your ideas!

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