Dear friend of accessible nature trips,

Tommy Hellstein, Finnish theologian, therapist and writer, once said: “Nothing in nature is asking permission whether it may be itself or it must become someone else. Nature simply is. It is in a deep state of being, which is made possible by the love existing in the universe. That’s why every natural phenomenon has the right to be what it is. A butterfly is a butterfly, a worm is a worm, a stone is a stone, a cloud is a cloud. Everything is in dreamless complacency with itself, because everything bears love. ” With our team we are carrying the same philosophy in the creation of products as well as conducting our nature trips.

Estonian Nature by Külli KolinaWe offer accessible nature trips from May to October. To provide you with a memorable holiday, we´ll adjust packages so that they would meet your specific needs. Into our packages we have combined marvellous moments, to remember fondly trips of nature.

So if you are interested, we would be happy to organize a relaxing holiday for your needs.

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