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Actions that people do should be approved by the work they have done, which can be noticed by the media. Here you can find articles published about us so that our quests can know more about us.

Kobinet Nachrichten (29.06.2015, Hartmut Smikac) “Estonian resort Haapsalu_photography by Els Bobkov, Accessible Baltics OÜ
town by the sea”

One possible destination for travelers with wheelchair is the Estonian city of Haapsalu. The city is located in western Estonia on the bay on a long branched promontory and is an ideal destination for those who love the sea and would like to relax on the seaside.

Already in 1279 Haapsalu had received its town charter. In addition to German Baltics, mainly Swedish and Russian nobility has left many traces in the history of the town afterwards. For the city´s development then especially the 1825 was an important year – the Baltic German Carl Abraham Hunnius, who had studied medicine in Tartu, discovered the therapeutic effect of the mud from the Baltic Sea near Haapsalu. That was the beginning of the city’s history as a spa town and basis of important development impetus, because then all the Russian Tsar Alexander I to Nicholas II., as well as other celebrities, each year came to Haapsalu in the 19th century for a cure. …

Read more about the article here: Estonian resort town by the seaside. NB! Following article is in German. We are currently translating the texts and apologize for any inconvenience.

Tartu University_photography by Els Bobkov, Accessible Baltics OÜKobinet Nachrichten (23.06.2015, Hartmut Smikac) ” Learn Tartu in wheelchair”

Tartu is the oldest university city in Estonia and therefore, especially, called “forever young” city, because one-fifth of the city’s population are students. Being in the Old Town of Tartu in a wheelchair, you have to take consideration the streets, and cope with many pavement to come. There are two parts of the streets: with rough cobblestones as well as with good passable road surface. The Old Town stretches east and below the Cathedral Hill. The paths on these mountains are only be overcome with strong pushing aid or an electric wheelchair. Also in the Old Town there are streets where probably pushing aid is required. At the same time there are beveled curbs at many road agencies.

The new shopping centers are all easily passable with a wheelchair. With a relatively large number of attractions of performed upgrades were also created barrier-free access in the course now. In several restaurants there are lifts as well as toilets for guests with wheelchair. So you can enjoy walks around the Town Hall and other objects well and relaxed in a wheelchair. …

Read more about the article here: Learn Tartu in wheelchair. NB! Following article is in German. We are currently translating the texts and apologize for any inconvenience.

Kobinet Nachrichten (15.06.2015, Hartmut Smikac) “Nature parks in Soomaa nature park_photography by Els Bobkov, Accessible Baltics OÜEstonia”

We experienced an “untouched nature”, which begins not far from the cities in Estonia. Already the four-lane highway 30 kilometers to the outskirts of Tallinn – the view from the window now shows meadows and forests and small villages and individual farmsteads. And who decides to visit one of the five natural parks, or one of the other of the thirteen regions, which have been approved by the Forest Service for recreation, then come and you can actually take a whole day to enjoy the nature. One can find rare plants and herbs, bird watching, which are known only from the zoo for us in Germany, or see elk, wolves, lynx and even brown bears in their natural habitat here in Central Europe.

Disabled passengers should you decide to visit the Soomaa Nature Park located between the towns of Viljandi and Pärnu then it is accessible. This Nature Park is dominated by fells and small rivers. Something special is the “fifth season”, the period of spring floods, which inundated the landscape here and as a whole transformed into a natural wetland. All this makes the park a natural area where more than 185 different bird species, including rare storks and other rare species living here all year. …

Read more about the article here: Nature parks in Estonia. NB! Following article is in German. We are currently translating the texts and apologize for any inconvenience.

Medieval Tallinn and a knight _ photography by Els Bobkov, Accessible Baltics OÜKobinet Nachrichten (10.06.2015, Hartmut Smikac) “Learn Tallinn in wheelchair”

Tallinn was founded in 1230 and located on the Gulf of Finland, which was also known by the German name “Reval”, is the capital of the Republic of Estonia. The city was in the Hanseatic crossroads of trade routes on the Baltic Sea since its heyday. The city was founded on salt has always been growing rapidly. So Danes, German, Sweden, Poland and Russia have tried to incorporate their territory Tallinn.

The Tallinn’s Old Town is preserved as it was before and is therefore fully justified in 1997 in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Tallinn is a modern city with an international airport, high-rise buildings, modern streets, which are full of modern cars always, new hotels, restaurants, museums, theaters and many small shops, department stores and supermarkets. …

Read more about the article here: Learn Tallinn in wheelchair. NB! Following article is in German. We are currently translating the texts and apologize for any inconvenience.

Kobinet Nachrichten (06.06.2015, Hartmut Smikac) “Estonia for people with reduced mobility through the eyes of a German

Who wishes to travel to Tallinn, Estonia, you can see everywhere warm welcome saying “Tere tulemast!” (Welcome to Estonia) and experiences that he/she is now in a country whose inhabitants speak a language which is more similar to Finnish or Hungarian than to any other language in Europe. For a foreign visitor, you can successfully manage in English, because in the country everywhere English and partly also German is actually spoken.

The northernmost of the Baltic countries was visited last year by around four million tourists, especially in the context of cruises and tours on the Baltic region. Most of the visitors from the European Union were the Germans – and it is a significantly increasing trend among them. …

Read more about the article here: Estonia for people with reduced mobility 

WATO.DE (02.06.2015, Sabine Wiedamann) “Accessible Haapsalu and Hidden Gems of Accessible Estonia, photography by Els Bobkov, Accessible Baltics OÜStatement EDEN Pressereise „Barrierefreies Estland“”, magazine of subject wheelchair and tourism, as well as people from travel agencies and other tourism business were invited to EDEN Pressereise „Accessible Estonia“ on 26th – 30th of May 2015 by Accessible Baltics OÜ. We visited several places in different towns and just after a short time we could see that Estonia start off on the right foot with the setup of accessibility for handicapped persons.

Travelling for 5 days through Estonia with station in Tallinn, Tartu, Soomaa and Haapsalu in a wheelchair suitable bus, accomodation at (for German standard more or less) accessible hotels and guest house in such a beautiful country was a great experience. The possibility to visit so many sights was a convincing expertise – regardless of using a wheelchair and other type of aid or not. …

Read more here: Statement EDEN Pressereise

WATO.DE  (26.03.2015, Sabine Wiedamann)”Accessible presstrip to Estonia”


Sabine Wiedamann, editor at the information portal Accessibility and Tourism, was invited by Accessible Baltics OÜ for EDEN press trip “Undiscovered Pearl of the barrier-free Estonia” end in May 2015.

The EDEN press trip (EDEN = European Destinations of Excellence) to the barrier-free Estonia to the German participants bring the Baltic country closer.It involves a cultural journey with elements of nature travel: original, varied and in compliance with the needs of wheelchair users. The press trip was designed for people from Germany who are mobility restricted and have physical disabilities.

Accessible Estonia, preparations for the press trip

Made possible the journey through the cooperation of Accessible Baltics OÜ (first professional tour operator for travelers with special needs in Estonia), the Estonian Tourist Board, the cities of Tallinn, Tartu, Haapsalu and the National Park Soomaa and Estonian disability organizations and the portal Accessible Tourism Info. Read more here: Accessible presstrip to Estonia

Barrierefreier Tourismus Info (09.03.2015, Hartmut Smikac)Soomaa 3 photography by Aivar Ruukel; Soomaa “Hidden pearls of Accessible Estonia

Estonia is the smallest and most northerly of the three Baltic states, which bordered on the north and on the west by the Baltic Sea. South of the border is Latvia and east Russia. Although geographically slightly smaller than Lower Saxony this country has to offer a lot of interest for visitors: cities with a 1000 year old history, which have received its medieval character, a diverse culture and a nature with many animals that no longer exist in western Europe. All this can be heard and leisure travelers with reduced mobility without barriers.

The prerequisites for this was created by a trip entitled “Undiscovered Pearl of the barrier-free Estonia” which had been prepared by “Accessible Baltics OÜ” together with the Tourist Office of Estonia and the participants in the Estonian capital Tallinn, the 1000 years of Tartu, the spa town Haapsalu and had performed in the National Park Soomaa. These destinations are already detailed information and can be used when booking travel by other interested parties. Contact for preparing and Book of such pleasure is Accessible Baltics OÜ, the first professional tour operators in Estonia whose offers were examined specifically with regard to the claims of reduced mobility travelers. Information can also be on the so far non-German-Estonian-only, Finnish- and English-language website of this tour operator be found.

Read original article in German here: Unentdeckte Perlen des barrierefreien Estlands währen einer Pressereise erleben

Haapsalu 5 photography by Tõnis Krikk; Läänemaa TurismKobinet Nachrichten (05.03.2015, Hartmut Smikac) “Einladung zur Pressereise nach Estland”

Tallinn (kobinet) The countries of Eastern Europe have become interesting destinations for German. This can be seen especially in Poland, which is visited by more than five million Germans. Eastern Europe has great tourist potentials, which applies in relation to Poland for passengers with reduced mobility, and that applies to terms of tourist potential total on the countries of the Baltic region. Read more here with the help of Google Translate: Hidden pearls of Accessible Estonia

Tartu University´s Ajaveeb (15.08.2014, Els Bobkov) “Els Bobkov: Accessible tourism – what for and how does it affect me?”

NB! Article is in Estonian, but we are working on translation. Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience!

Mõnikord rääkides oma ideest kuulen seisukohta, et ligipääsetav turism – see ei puuduta mind. Kas tõesti? Toomas Hendrik Ilves on öelnud: “Riigi tugevust näitab see, kuidas suhtume nõrgematesse“. Siinkohal tekib mõte – meie oleme ühiskond, meie oleme riik. Seega kas mitte meie negatiivsed hoiakud ei peegelda hoopis meie endi nõrkust? Mina ei nimetaks puuetega inimesi nõrkadeks, vaid tugevateks – tihti tuleb just nende seast inimesi, kes julgevad endi ja ka kõigi teiste eest välja seista. Loe lähemalt siit: Els Bobkov : Ligipääsetav turism – milleks ja kuidas mina siia puutun?

Invalidiliitto IT-lehti (15.08.2014, Tapio Rusanen) “Esteetön matka Viroon onnistuu”

NB! Article is in Finnish, but we are working on translation. Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience!

Markkinointijohtaja Els Bobkov on perustanut kolmen yhtiökumppaninsa kanssa esteettömien matkojen matkatoimiston Viroon. Accessible Baltics LLC haluaa tarjota liikuntaesteisille räätälöityjä matkoja. Loe rohkem siit: Esteetön matka Viroon onnistuu.

Postimees Plus (05.05.2014, Katre Tatrik) “Magistrant loob invaturismiettevõtet”

NB! Article is in Estonian, but we are working on translation. Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience!

Bobkovide perekond on erivajadustega inimestega kokku puutunud kaua. Nende suur soov on luua ettevõte, mis pakuks erivajadustega inimestele, nii kohalikele kui välismaalastele, mugavaid reise Baltikumis. Loe rohkem siit: Magistrant loob invaturismiettevõtet.


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