Our service standards and what to expect from travelling with us

Coming on a journey, we all have stock “backpack” of our familiar taste preferences, expectations, and desires to experience positive emotions. Successful trip is often dependent on small quantities of the correct dosage of comfort: good service, a skilled guide, delicious food, interesting program. We will do everything we can to make you feel safe, secure and well during the trip – together, lets create memories worth remembering even years later!

In preparing our trips, service and quality of service standards, we are guided by the principle of “The Customer is King”. Despite keeping in mind the best, we still do not have the slightest intention to cause an illusion of making impossible possible. For example, if a recognized tourist destination TOP-10 list includes a building or a nearby, but it does not have any access, it is a fact which we must take into consideration in creating our packages.

Here is the highlight of our main difference compared to the rest of the tour operators. Our job is to map the content of accessibility related conditions, and the need to find alternative solutions to difficult situations. Only a few rare sights, if this is worth it, we recognize the half solution. Hereby, we do not share the uncovered promises, but do inform potential participants early on. Assessment of the environmental conditions is from where are born our preferences of partners, because, unfortunately, far from all the hotels, spas, cafes, restaurants, cultural institutions, and others have not thought of the expansion of its customer base.

Taking into consideration your needs and interests, our task is to make optimal choices to allow you to be part of everything important – to provide you a pleasurable and memorable holiday.



NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: To allow each person a personalized approach, our groups are significantly smaller compared to regular tourist groups. Depending on the travel package our products are designed for groups like:

  • so-called large group, which includes 14-20 people
  • small group of 12 people
  • individual orders for 2-8 people.

TRAVEL MANAGEMENT: Throughout the whole trip, we have tour escort-group leader, who is responsible for the programs timely and high-quality conducting, and ensures the implementation of the services included in the package. Tour escort is typically university educated, multilingual, and has received further training in communication, customer service and first aid. If necessary, he/she will organize the availability of professional medical care. Tour escort will be assisted by local guides who introduce local sightseeings on a pre-arranged program, route and time schedule.

We offer the opportunity to order as optional a personal assistant whose job is to assist relatives and close ones through the trip to provide them with rest.

BUSES: Buses we use are modern and comfortable tourist class buses that have been adjusted, or adjusted operationally for disabled passengers.

HOTELS: We prefer hotels, which have enough functionality for our clients. It is important that the hotel´s infrastructure enables to get part of other services offered, such as well-being and beauty, spa, etc. On city and cultural trips we generally use highly acclaimed 3-5 star hotels that are located in the center of the city. On nature trips and longer excursions, which include rural areas, we arrange accommodation for people with disabilities at adjusted rural accommodation. In booking hotels we reserve right, if necessary, to book an alternative accommodation which has as good location and level.

FOOD: In selecting our restorans, an important criterion is accessibility. All of our hotels have buffet-style breakfast. Lunch and dinner are through reservation for group, both normal and special menus have been made possible. We prefer restorans that are known for their quality, or bear the markings “Genuinely Estonian” , which is the quality mark issued by Estonian restoran workers, and domestic and foreign food journalists’. Also our restorans might belong to the Estonian restaurants TOP 50 category. Criteria will be food, service, decor and general atmosphere parameters.

WELCOME LETTER:On arrival to the hotel guests will receive a personalized welcome letter announcing time and place for the welcome meeting.

WELCOME MEETING: The meeting will offer our guests a welcome drink and tour escort introduces the program and optional service. We also share to our guests a variety of informational materials.

CULTURAL PROGRAM: Given our clients specifics, we have enriched travel packages with opportunities to spend a merry evening in social communication, either with ballroom dancing, karaoke, etc., and visit cultural events at a high artistic level, performances and concerts offered by Estonian National Opera, Theatre Vanemuine, Estonian Philharmonic and many concert-and cultural institutions in Estonia.

BAGGAGE: Hand luggage´s weight must not exceed 15 kg. Special baggage (electric wheelchairs, etc.) should be agreed upon in advance.

QUALITY AND SAFETY OF SERVICE: Our good service is ensured by our staff, who have long experience in working with the target group. You can read more about our team from column Team. Since we have set ourselves a goal to provide to our client the best service possible, we would be most happy to get feedback  from our guests to assess the quality of service. The feedback questionnaire will be given at the welcome meeting, and we kindly ask to return it at the end of trip.