We are here to fulfill travelling wishes that are accessible for all to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. 

Our Jolly Team by Mart Muru

Accessible Baltics LLC is a full service travel agency, family business, that is specialized in offering travelling services for people with special needs. Being first Estonian tour operators in Accessible Tourism area, in 2015 and 2016 we specialize in offering trips to people with moving and physical disabilities, elderly, pregnant and with small children, and of course their family and friends. Our singularity is to provide people with special needs an outstanding and unforgettable travel experience, of a values where they can have barrier-free access to sightseeings, stress free and safe travelling with an excellent service, which is time and money saving to our quest. Disability is not an obstacle – just a new way of travelling.

We are specializing in:

OUR VISION: To be most competent tour operator for disabled people in the Baltic region. Strenght that carries us on is supporting our clients´ creativity, dreams and imagination.

In near future we plan to enter the whole Baltic region to conduct our travelling service throughout the lovely Baltics. Escalation will be step-by-step, according to Accessible Baltics team´s capabilities of mapping accessible tourist destinations, cooperation with partners, and certainty that our tours are in high quality. Here we originate from the principle that less is more.

OUR MISSION: To provide “normality”, fulfill our clients travelling dreams and always be a step ahead in developing culture of travelling service for disabled people in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


Our Merry Team


Marion by Paul Bobkov

Marion Bobkov, chief excecutive officer (CEO): Life is an adventure, art of change and adaptation! I get inspiration and energy from opportunity to create and lead organizations, that have ideals like humanity, cooperation and creativity. In going to the niche of Accessible Tourism, what inspired me most wasn ´t the chance to be the first business of this kind, but the need to provide recreational opportunities in Estonia for people with special needs.


Eha by Mart Muru

Eha Kägu, chief production officer (CPO): I like meeting people, laughter, the opportunity to work with something of a value for all of us. I love the song of the seals, Estonian islands and everything else that fits under the phrase „love of nature“. Our team consists of people between whom there is a trust and a common breathing – should we get tired, there is always someone of us to pick us up. If I think of my contact with special needs, then it is personal, what else.


Els by Kateriine Orav

Els Bobkov, chief marketing and sales officer (CMO, CSO): I am warmhearted, purposeful and enterprising young woman. I enjoy complex tasks, work environment as well as new opportunities to develop myself and widen my view of world. The will and skills to work with disabilities have grown from personal experience, as well as my own special needs. I am happy that our team is moving towards the fulfillment of my dream – to bring people with special needs out of their homes, because they are absolute pearls!


Jaava by Jaava Masing

Jaava Masing, coordinator of international affairs (Finland): I enjoy interaction with people, and appreciate warm relationships. Through different people I have come to the Finns and the Finnish language, and I like ventures with them. My own special needs have made me think about people with disabilities, which have brought me closer to understanding how the solutions in our society should be organized. I would be most happy to meet you to enjoy culture, nature and sports. Why not get together and do that!


Mart by Mart Muru

Mart Muru, production specialist – website manager: I’ve learned nature travel arrangements. I have a lot of contact with IT-related activities, of which knowledge and skills I have gained independently. I very much appreciate concreteness, simplicity and honesty. I´d rather prefer the harsh truth than a beautiful lie. The team has characterised me: „You can try to keep up with him, but it might be a bit difficult – because he is as quick as a flash, therefore runs in the Estonian sprint team. Although he is too shy and sweet to say that himself.“ Since Mart is presently occupied with new activities, then our sincerest thank you will be joining our former volunteer Mart.